Gwen Meyer-Hansen

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Gwen Meyer-Hansen was born in 1971 in Hamburg. She studied Educational Science (specialising in counselling, social management and psychology) at Lüneburg University, where she carried out numerous training assignments in the field of counselling. 

After her successful graduation she worked as a lecturer with the non-profit making limited company "STEP 21 – Jugend fordert!" (Encourage youth!) where she conceived and implemented advanced training schemes for educationists and multiplicators. 

After the births of her children, she initially applied herself on a freelance basis to concepts for the social engagement of companies and became a self-employed Trainer. In addition to a thorough training as a communication consultant, she has undertaken ongoing, advanced training in coaching, leadership style analysis and team development.

She has been a Trainer with E>V since it was founded in 2005, concentrating on the area of coachings, team development as well as on professional dialogue management.

She is married and lives in Hamburg with her husband and two daughters.


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