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As a coach with 20+ years of experience in the finance sector, both employees and managers in this field will benefit from my coaching and trainings. I know "finance people" are more open to their personal and professional development when the coach is able to empathize with the participants' work processes and challenges while reflecting on own experiences. You will find a competent sparring partner in me.

I support people in phases of tumultuous change in their individual development, regardless of whether they have voluntarily decided or were forced by external circumstances to engage into the change. My focus is the promotion of attitudinal changes in the "work mindset", as this is the key factor for individual success and personal well-being.

In the context of the "New Leadership" discussion, managers increasingly recognize that present management practices and ways of working are reaching their limits. They often need additional methodological skills in order to meet the demands of contemporary leadership.

With my systemic approach and focus on strengths and resources, we will develop a personalized strategy for your success!

Finance goes agile!

For me, agility is neither pure philosophy nor simply a method. Agility is always both: pragmatism with a target-orientated attitude.

Organizational departments, especially those that seem to contribute directly to value creation and revenues, appear to be more dynamic compared to Finance. This is precisely where the dilemma lies: failures in digitalization and insufficient changes in the process landscape are compensated with increased personnel deployment. Agile working is a key component in meeting this challenge. Discover the joy of agility with me!

As a coach and consultant, "change" is my philosophy. I believe change is best approached boldly and playfully. My work consists of helping you to actively shape and successfully implement change without losing the excitement.

“Every thing has three sides: one positive, one negative, and one funny.“
(Karl Valentin)

David Altundag
David Altundag Coaching, Training and Facilitation
+49 (0) 700-288 488 33 DA@EgrV.de www.EgrV.de

About me

As son of immigrant workers, I started working by supporting my family's gastronomy business.

I have 20+ years of professional experience in the financial sector, working in companies of varying size and industry affiliations. I studied accounting and spent extensive time abroad in the USA, Chile, and Spain.

From 2009 until 2018, I was part of the Hamburg startup scene working as a manager and successfully supported the foundation, expansion, and acquisition of new shareholders for two online companies during this time. In these leadership roles, I coached managers and employees in-house. My training as a Systemic Coach (DGSF) provided me with well-founded theoretical and practical knowledge for individual and organizational consulting.

Currently, I live with my wife and our two children in western Hamburg and have been a part of the E>V team since 2018.

My offers


Did you know that agility is highly connected to the words we use as well as our behavior? Or that agility is not only about Scrum? Perhaps you were not aware that agility follows rather clear, strict rules, which help to create an advanced level of flexibility?

Do you really want to understand and experience agility? And at the same time are you looking for a pragmatic, modern understanding of agility? Then let's work together on your definition of agility in my training!

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Individual coaching

E>V Coaching is needed when the tried and tested methods of self-management no longer work or when the view of the essentials is obscured.

Whenever people face a new challenge, they come up with questions like 

  • where to go
  • why and especially 
  • how 

Our coaching helps you develop your own personal answers.

E>V Coaching gives you a holistic view of your issues. You should be able to harmonize your personal ideas with your professional goals. The result is your desired life balance.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a tailored support activity for groups which accompanies and mentors the team alongside the actual challenges they face in their work environment.
Strongly in focus is collaboration between team members, in terms of achieving optimum synergy based on the team’s combined know-how. Parallel to providing support for the intelligent networking of the individual flow of ideas, the interrelationships of the participants and their interaction with one another is also worked on. Human relationships provide the basis for all the concepts, ideas and performance that originate from these interactions.

Frequently it's about solving the following (perceived) dilemma: “As an individual I have my own legitimate interests in a project but on the other hand, the team needs to work together in an ideal way to produce an outstanding overall result.”

It goes without saying that E>V Team Coaching often works on the attitude of the individual as well as that of the whole team.

In this context, when required we rely on first-rate, proven analytical tools such as MBTI, GPTP or the Sociometric Matrix.

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Individual workshops
Would you like to hold a vision or strategy workshop, tackle a change process with your team, (re)define roles and tasks, or optimise your team meetings (necessity, process, efficiency, etc.) and make them more efficient? I design workshops for a wide range of topics relating to communication, strategy, leadership, team collaboration, and self-management/organization. All I need from you is a clear goal you want to achieve - then I will design the path we take together.

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

400+ annual Financial statements prepared
6 years Trainer und Partner bei E>V
4 languages (fluency)

Others about me

David has been supporting the change and growth processes in my department with visible success for several years now. With the excellent mix of classic and creative methods, he creates a trusting workshop atmosphere and clearly demands individual responsibility from all participants. I am particularly grateful for the trusting dialogue with David and the valuable impulses which help me to strengthen my role as a manager.

We worked with David both as part of an extensive transformation project and in the course of team and individual coaching sessions. David wins people over with his authentic demeanour and pragmatic approach. He encourages independent thinking and autonomous action. He addresses conflicts openly and mirrors the behaviour of those involved; “Stop saying `You couldn’t make it.´. You prioritised differently. That’s okay, but stand up for it!” I associate these words with you in a positive sense, David. Thank you!

Empathic, inspiring and solution-orientated - we highly value David as a facilitator and coach. We regularly work with him for team and leadership workshops.

We have qualified in a wide range of coaching and training disciplines and naturally bring our own practical life and professional experience to the collaboration. Choose the type of coach and background that best suits your challenges.

We are happy to accompany you as a tandem or trio when it comes to major transformations or organizational and leadership development.

If you like, we will be happy to share exciting reference projects with you during team training sessions,

leadership development or impulse events.

We look forward to your call!

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