Thomas Stammwitz

Trainer and coach for self-management, leadership and personal development

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I help people, teams and organizations to become what they "really" want to be. My greatest happiness as a trainer are the participants who, even many years later, tell me how sustainable the "E factor - E for attitude" still has an effect on them and is implemented in their areas of life. With an honest, interested and lovingly provocative attitude, I address the issues that are important to my clients and therefore sometimes represent real "pain points" for them. Working on these "triggers" often produces the most effective results afterwards. I love the word "imposition" and sometimes act as such, i.e. I encourage my clients to address possible problems and then tackle them. I am interested in real actions/implementations and less in plans/justifications.

"Understanding is unfortunately only the consolation prize in life!"

Thomas Stammwitz
Thomas Stammwitz Trainer and coach for self-management, leadership and personal development
+ 49 (0) 4131 997 23 32

About me

As a father of 3 wonderful adult children, I am incredibly proud of their path and their philosophy of life and live and work in two places. Living in Germany and Portugal and the fortunate circumstance of constantly getting to know new places and people as a coach makes me a grateful European. My passions are sport (soccer, yoga, surfing and golf), nature and pleasure (Palatinate, Tuscany and Bordeaux).

My offers

Factor E - Seminar for Innovative Self-Leadership

Factor E is the seminar that focuses on your opportunities and consistently pursues one goal: Innovative self-leadership. This method releases the necessary energy to increase motivation, precisely define your level of ambition, launch your own initiatives, increase your willingness to take risks and strengthen your bond with the company.

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The Factor A: A like Attitude - A like Achievement!
E>V- Leadership style analysis - LEAD NAVIGATOR 360°

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!"

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

> 8.000 Seminar and workshop participants
> 10.000 written flipcharts
> 300 blank pens with 6 kilometres of masking tape

Others about me

"I can now say with certainty that your seminar was a unique and incisive experience for me that will stay with me forever, both in my private and professional life. I learnt more about myself, my actions and my self-awareness. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I perceive things differently than before, which has never happened to me before."

"On the drive home from the Factor E training, we briefly reviewed the training again and realised that this was the best training of our careers so far. For me at least, it was quite a few."

"Hello Thomas, it's very important to me to thank you for last week's seminar, even at a distance. I can already see how the thoughts and guidelines you conveyed and experienced are making me a happier person. Your energy and your respectful, appreciative approach have triggered a lot in me. Thank you very much for that. Above all: thank you for your recipe."

We have qualified in a wide range of coaching and training disciplines and naturally bring our own practical life and professional experience to the collaboration. Choose the type of coach and background that best suits your challenges.

We are happy to accompany you as a tandem or trio when it comes to major transformations or organisational and leadership development.

If you like, we will be happy to share exciting reference projects with you during team training sessions,

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