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Thomas Stammwitz holds a degree in Business Administration and is co-founder of E>V Coaching.Training.Innovation. As a Management Seminar Trainer he worked for Grohe Water Technology, German Telekom, Jungheinrich, Bayer, MTU, Scholz & Friends and many other companies in Germany. On top of this, he is Coach to countless managers and mentor to top sportspeople, as well as psychological Coach to clients of deepblue sports since 2004.

Born in 1969 to a mittelstand business family in Celle, as a youth he pursued the development of his father's wholesale enterprise. After his business studies he started in marketing with Reemtsma as group sales group leader and was active in international sales training. As a lecturer on personal development he assumed responsibility for the training management of employees and managers. 

Apart from thorough academic and practical preparation as a Trainer, he has further qualified in Systematic Organisational Development and as a hypnotherapist. From 2000 until 2005, as a partner of the IAK (Institute for Applied Creativity), he led management seminars and provided consultancy on Personnel Development and Organizational Development processes.


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