Wolfgang Heitmann

Trainer, coach and moderator

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In my role as a trainer and coach, I see myself primarily as a creative source of inspiration, a trustworthy companion and a challenging sparring partner. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been working with the question of the ideal link between personal gifts and a suitable field of activity. With my seminars and workshops, I want to help my participants become even more aware of what is at the core of their personality and how they can integrate this even more strongly and purposefully into their (professional) lives. For an authentic, healthy and happy life and work.

"Find a job you love and you will never have to work again." (Confucius)

Wolfgang Heitmann
Wolfgang Heitmann Trainer, coach and moderator
+ 49 (0) 700-288 488 33 WH@EgrV.de www.EgrV.de

About me

What is my contribution to the world I want to live in?

With my work, I want to help people pursue an activity that suits their personality, that they enjoy and that keeps them healthy and fit. Helping my participants to find a professional environment in which their personality, strengths, preferences and talents can really come into their own - that's what I see as my contribution!

What is my passion? What makes my heart sing?

I love music. My favorite thing is listening to live music in a small audience. Music that touches the heart and soul. But the combination of music and comedy also makes my heart beat faster. My legendary "eye-of-the-tiger cracker challenge" was born out of this humorous attitude. It's a fantastic exercise that I regularly use in my seminars and workshops to loosen up.

What do I count as my "superpowers"?

Creating trust / curiosity / power of observation / focus / humor

My offers

IN-GENIUM seminar

Use the IN-GENIUM seminar for a personal assessment and go in search of your talents, gifts and special abilities. Some of these may not yet have become visible, others may have been forgotten over time. If you know your potential and can actively utilise it, you will master upcoming tasks with more passion, enthusiasm and success.

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IN-GENIUM - Focus on Leadership Potential

Im IN-GENIUM - Fokus Führungspotential setzt du dich intensiv mit deiner eigenen Persönlichkeit auseinander. Du erkennst und bearbeitest unter anderem die für dich wichtigsten Werte und Lebensmotive. Du blickst dabei auf die Erfolge der Vergangenheit zurück, bewertest deine aktuellen Ressourcen und wirfst einen Blick in die Zukunft. Darüber hinaus lernst du die vier zentralen Rollen einer Führungskraft kennen und reflektierst deine persönlichen Fähigkeiten anhand der Erfolgsfaktoren guter Führungsarbeit.

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Communication as a success factor: seminar for effective dialogue management

Conversations with colleagues, customers, managers and employees always have something to do with your own inner attitude. How do I approach these conversations? How do I best prepare myself for conversations? Which of my personal preferences are conducive to my conversations, and where might I be getting in my own way? These are just some of the questions that we will address in the seminar. We will work on the participants' specific practical cases and develop ideas for solutions to implement in everyday working life.

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I´m here to create awareness for our wonderful planet and our individual natures, so that everyone has the chance to find his place in this world to live a healthy and happy life

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

10 years management experience as Head of Personnel Development
13 years partner of E>V
>20 years trainer, coach and moderator

Others about me

When traveling on the highway of life, it is also worth pulling over and consciously concentrating on one thing - your own personality. The IN-GENIUM is this resting place that offers you the space to exchange ideas with yourself and the other participants. It is worth stopping regularly and driving on with full energy and a clear goal

The IN-GENIUM - which everyone really should do at least once in their life - was a great opportunity to become (more) aware of my values, strengths, talents and motives. It gave me a clearer "compass" for my job and life, which will certainly help me navigate through challenging situations.

I see the seminar as a gift: my perception of myself and others has been upgraded and I left the seminar 10 cm taller than when I started. I will now be able to invest this energy and I am very grateful for that

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We are happy to accompany you as a tandem or trio when it comes to major transformations or organizational and leadership development.

If you like, we will be happy to share exciting reference projects with you during team training sessions,

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