Dynamics of Negotiation and Influencing

Negotiating skill is a key qualification in business. Learn a great deal about optimum preparation, negotiating procedures and how to counter ‘unfair’ tactics.

Negotiating is a core management competence. Between 20 and 80% of your working time is spent negotiating with customers, cooperation partners and suppliers. On top of this, there is also the internal negotiating processes between departments, teams and areas. Good negotiators improve the operating profits of their companies and/or the effectiveness of their administration.

During this training to take the lead in negotiations you will learn to negotiate more effectively through systematic preparation. You will arm yourself for handling difficult negotiating partners. And you will henceforth be able to counter unfair negotiating tactics with confidence!

During the seminar, you will work through one of your own up-coming negotiations, which will form the unifying thread of your training. You will prepare yourself for this negotiation during the training and test out your discussion strategy. After the seminar, you will be optimally prepared for this negotiation. In our experience, seminar participants achieve a 10 to 20% improved result for each negotiation prepared and tested in the seminar.

For former seminar participants, there is an advanced seminar: ‘The Dynamics of Negotiation and Influencing: Feedback & Fine-tuning’. You can find out more in the PDF documents available for download from this page.

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