Burn In, not Out – How your inner vocation and lived visions contribute in this world

It is kind of bizarre: In general birth provides us with everything necessary to lead a successful and content life. Yet most of the people struggle most of their lifes with the work they do. Either because their income is perceived as too low to provide for a decent living or because the price their souls´ are paying simply seems to be to high. Both ways, sometimes even combined create pressure and stress. Many employees and entrepreneurs first throw their health behind their careers only to turn that order around in later years. Where are you situated in that game?  

Mass media picked up on that phenomena: You will regularly see headlines and articles reporting about the alarming figures of psychological induced illnesses at workplaces like depression, burn out or early retirement due to mental exhaustion.

The rehabilitation and prevention of a psychobiological health are without doubt key topics in the early 21st century within the western world. Why are we not doing better in that area? The standard of living has never been higher and most workplaces are safer than ever before. What is going on? What are doing wrong? Where did we loose track? And what is needed in these times and how to come back to a daily feeling of deep contentment and well being for many if not all?

Get inspired and receive answers to questions like:

  • What is the reason for the high emotional strain in today´s work life?
  • What is meant by a new psychobiological health?
  • What is needed to become a healthy cooperation in a healthy society?
  • What can I as an entrepreneur or single employee do?
  • What does it really mean to opponent senselessness in our daily routine and follow once own vocation and inner vision?

Dr. Till Noethel works as a transformative coach, trainer und speaker. He is partner of the coaching and training institute E>V. Prior to that he followed a 15 year career in executive management within international companies like Red Bull. His focus in coaching and training is innovative self leadership, vision and consciousness development.

This 60-90 minute impulse speech will be informative, interactive, pulling in and vitalizes to work on today´s symptoms from another level of realization.

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