Oranges, elephant - and new pathways to successful negotiation

In this 60 to 90 minute long interactive lecture, generously seasoned with wit and colour, Jacobus van Vliet explodes the myth that negotiators are ‘born’. He demonstrates that negotiation is a process which we can control. The concepts conveyed during the lecture will assist you in learning to control your negotiating reflexes.

During the lecture you will receive: 

  • a negotiating compass
  • over 20 options for resuscitating deadlocked negotiations
  • 56 tactics for altering the balance of power in negotiations.

The lecture has been deployed successfully for years now at conventions and conferences such as the Pharma Licensing Club Germany and the Schleswig-Holstein Institute of Enterprise Associations.

Jacobus van Vliet is a partner with E>V. He has been Negotiations Advisor with ENS International since 1995. Since its establishment in 1978, ENS has been assisting its clients to achieve better and sustainable negotiation results. Today, companies and public organisations in 60 countries are successfully deploying the interculturally tried and tested ENS concepts.

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