Dr. Till Noethel

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Dr. Till Noethel, born 1967, has been a partner with E>V since 2008. A Berliner by birth, after completing his Economics studies he received his doctorate with magna cum laude in social and economic sciences. There followed a 15-year career in executive management with international blue-chip companies, initially in German and international marketing with Reemtsma. He then moved to Red Bull as Sales & Marketing Director as well as Quarterback for Australasia, and finally took over a Managing Directorship in the sports fashion industry. 

The successful and at the same time seemingly never ending career journey made Till to seek out further challenges in his end 30ies. After times of deep insights followed by a burn out (which turned out to be a present) he used his own transformation to follow his innermost vocation and passion - assisting people on their path to a successful, happy, meaningful and conscious life. He combines his knowledge, experience and skills in humanistic psychology, system theory, NLP high-performance- and vision-coaching with his depth of experience in industry in the form of coaching, training and speaking to support the development and growth of interested people and companies. He speaks fluent German and English.


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