Wolfgang Heitmann
Wolfgang Heitmann

„I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.“ (Albert Einstein)

Thomas Stammwitz
Thomas Stammwitz

"You can´t fire others enthusiasm, if there´s none burning in you!"


E>V Coaching

E>V offers coaching for the topics:

- Effective leadership
- self-management
- Negotiation skills
- Conflict resolution
- Life Balance

Work with us on your attitude to achieve your desired results!

E>V Training

E>V trainings have a lasting effect.
Benefit from our extraordinary dramaturgy, which touches our participants and creates a real impact.
Nothing is as effective in the long term as experiencing it for yourself.

E>V Development

Change processes are usually complex and require good support. We walk this path together with you and design tailor-made development programmes and/or transformation support for your organisation.
Whether for individuals, teams or the entire organisation.