Factor E

The success of companies and organisations is always directly linked to quality, attitude and awareness.

The driving force behind all types of decisions is the inner and outer attitude towards personal and professional challenges. One thing is certain: If you constantly feel over- or underchallenged, you will ultimately not perform to your actual potential.

Factor E is the seminar that focuses on your possibilities and consistently pursues one goal: Innovative self-leadership. This method releases the necessary energy to increase your willingness to perform, to precisely define your level of ambition, to launch your own initiatives, to increase your willingness to take risks and to strengthen your bond with the company.

Once the concrete principles of one's own actions have been worked out, employee motivation, personal responsibility, interpersonal communication and conflict management really come into their own in a company.

The key content of this seminar can be summarised as follows:

  • Learning to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions,
  • Taking action to shape your own life creatively,
  • Being prepared to take risks and experiment,
  • Understanding how to recognise mistakes as learning opportunities.

As a result, you will:

  • act even better when making decisions whose consequences you cannot predict 100%,
  • react even more clearly and confidently in risky situations,
  • act even more effectively in stressful situations,
  • act even more clearly and solution-orientated when faced with special challenges,
  • handle major changes even more constructively and successfully.

Factor E stands for attitude.
and therefore just as much for commitment as for success.

We offer the coaching format "Factor E Integrator" for all those who would like to deal even more intensively with their respective issues, challenges and any blockages.

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