Factor E - Integrator

The coaching to get into action now!

Building on the Faktor E seminar, we offer this group coaching format that addresses the individual questions and challenges of Faktor E participants. As Factor E trainers, we are asked time and again: "How can I stay on track now?" or "How can I get even more involved in day-to-day implementation?"

This is exactly where the Faktor E integrator helps. Regardless of whether the Faktor E seminar was only a few months ago or years ago: This virtual live small group coaching is an individual application-orientated consolidation of the topics and key ideas experienced and learnt.

It provides answers to the following questions:

  • What other "red line situations" am I facing and how can I successfully master them?
  • What specific approaches will help me to deal with currently challenging circumstances (e.g. crises and conflicts)?
  • How can I achieve my goals AND improve my quality of life?
  • How can I conduct upcoming, difficult conversations successfully and constructively?
  • How can I motivate myself again and again and be a role model for others?
  • How do I gain more courage and clarity to implement upcoming decisions?
  • If your question is not listed here, this is precisely the question you need to be able to ask in this coaching session in order to develop specific support.

The Factor E Integrator offers this benefit:

  • Stick with it and apply the Factor E guiding ideas very specifically to YOUR very personal life situation, including 1:1 coaching
  • Re-focussing and a new clarity for your personal path
  • Effective clarification of conflicts
  • New serenity and energy
  • Inspiring exchange with former Faktor E participants

A maximum of 6 participants with Faktor E seminar experience take part.

Innovative self-leadership - that works!

Next block of dates

Next block of dates*: every Monday from 16:00 - 18:00 (virtual live)

  • AUTUMN 2024:
  • 11 November 2024
  • 18 November 2024
  • 25 November 2024
  • 02 December 2024

*In the event of overlapping dates, it is possible to adjust the dates in the group. In this case, please also contact us.

Investment: 895.00 euros for 4 x 2-hour group coaching sessions (virtual live)

Only bookable as a block, individual bookings are not possible!

Registration by e-mail: hamburg@egrv.de

Your coach Dr Till Noethel has been working successfully as an executive coach and management trainer at E>V since 2008. He has been running the Faktor E seminar since 2012 and, together with E>V founder Thomas Stammwitz, has closely aligned the Faktor E Integrator with the guiding ideas and impulses from the seminar and the individual needs of the participants.

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