The Factor A: A like Attitude - A like Achievement!

The quality of attitude and awareness with which people commit to their businesses and companies is increasingly decisive for success and failure. Exceptional and extraordinary perspectives lead the audience to a critical self-reflection of their own attitude and mindset towards the known and unknown. The listeners learn about conditions to increase creative thinking and enhance their performance potential. They receive impulses to an inner attitude that is characterized by courage, confidence and enthusiasm.

The speech provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the price for unfinished business?
  • How do we deal with the new and the unknown?
  • How do we move from Reaction to Creation?
  • How "self-responsibility" becomes a self-evident component of daily (leadership) work.
  • How can I fully develop my own potential and that of others (for example, customers or employees)?

Speaker: Thomas Stammwitz or Dr. Till Noethel

Duration: 90-120 minutes
Type: Interactive; With participatory exercises and a richness of practical examples

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