AGILE EXPERIENCE - Understanding and Experiencing Agility

Agility has long been a topic of conversation and could be considered synonymous with “change” or “becoming flexible". However, in very few cases do we intensely analyse the concept of agility and less often is agility attempted or experienced by firms.

Did you know, for example, that agility is highly connected to the words we use as well as our behaviour? Or that agility is not only about Scrum? Perhaps you did not know that agility follows rather clear, strict rules, which help to create more flexibility?

Our two day workshop is structured in a way, which will help you both understand the ideas behind agility as well as to experience, practice, and fully realize the concept of agility. After the workshop, you will have a fully developed idea of which aspects of your work are affected by agility. As a participant, you will develop a desire to dive deep into the concepts of agility and leave with the feeling of having acquired appropriate knowledge on the topic.

The workshop will give participants concrete value by:

  • Allowing them to experience Agility through practice and not only understand the concept on a cognitive level.
  • Participants will build a theoretical competency on the topic of agility (What is and is not agility?)
  • After the workshop, participants will be able to judge, if and to what extent agility plays a role in their work.
  • Participants will be able to apply agility directly to their work through application of concepts of agility on individual topics.

 Participant Reviews of the Workshop:

“The Workshop helped me to finally make sense of the Bullshit-Bingo-Terms used in agility and to give me a clear, manageable starting-point for the application of agility. Even without dogmatic standards, every participant could, through an inspiring exchange of ideas, distil individual approaches to agility in their work“

“What was particularly special about this Training, was that the abstract idea of ‘Agile’ could be experienced and practiced first hand. Additionally, it was a valuable insight to see how much agility affects us and our behaviours“

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