E>V Coaching - Teamcoaching

Team Coaching is a tailored support activity for groups which accompanies and mentors the team alongside the actual challenges they face in their work environment. Strongly in focus is collaboration between team members, in terms of achieving optimum synergy based on the team’s combined know-how. Parallel to providing support for the intelligent networking of the individual flow of ideas, the interrelationships of the participants and their interaction with one another is also worked on. Human relationships provide the basis for all the concepts, ideas and performance that originate from these interactions.

Frequently it's about solving the following (perceived) dilemma: “As an individual I have my own legitimate interests in a project but on the other hand, the team needs to work together in an ideal way to produce an outstanding overall result.”

It goes without saying that E>V Team Coaching often works on the attitude of the individual as well as that of the whole team.

In this context, when required we rely on first-rate, proven analytical tools such as MBTI, GPTP or the Sociometric Matrix.

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