Melanie Kaufmann

Training, Coaching and Facilitation

I support people in shaping their leadership role consciously, authentically and effectively, both in relation to themselves and their employees. I am particularly passionate about supporting female managers in developing their authentic leadership style.

The theoretical foundation of my work and many of the methods and concepts I use are based on the "New Work" movement. I am a trained "New Work Professional" and have been working intensively for over 5 years on whether and how a more people-oriented organization can be successful. In principle, there are many good reasons to question the quality of collaboration and the conditions under which people work.

It is worthwhile for every company to create the optimum conditions in order to increase employee satisfaction and thus ultimately also employee performance and effectiveness. At the same time, we are experiencing the exponential development of technology with all its social consequences and expected upheavals - we just have to think of artificial intelligence, skills shortages and Generation Z.

It is obvious to me that we now need to work together to find good answers to how "work" will be shaped in the future. And I would love to accompany and support companies in this and be part of the journey.

"For most people, work is like a mild cold - you can hold out until Friday."
Prof. Dr. Frithjof Bergmann

Melanie Kaufmann
Melanie Kaufmann Training, Coaching and Facilitation

About me

I was born in Berlin at the end of the 1970s and grew up in the eastern part of the city, so a dose of Berlin snark and directness is in my genes. I've now lived in Hamburg for about 20 years with my husband and our dog.
With my professional background in the book industry, I can never have enough books in my cupboard, and it makes me happy to travel to a foreign country with my husband and to observe how people or teams grow together.

My offers

Individual coaching

E>V Coaching is needed when the tried and tested methods of self-management no longer work or when the view of the essentials is obscured.

Whenever people face a new challenge, they come up with questions like 

  • where to go
  • why and especially 
  • how 

Our coaching helps you develop your own personal answers.

E>V Coaching gives you a holistic view of your issues. You should be able to harmonize your personal ideas with your professional goals. The result is your desired life balance.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a tailored support activity for groups which accompanies and mentors the team alongside the actual challenges they face in their work environment.
Strongly in focus is collaboration between team members, in terms of achieving optimum synergy based on the team’s combined know-how. Parallel to providing support for the intelligent networking of the individual flow of ideas, the interrelationships of the participants and their interaction with one another is also worked on. Human relationships provide the basis for all the concepts, ideas and performance that originate from these interactions.

Frequently it's about solving the following (perceived) dilemma: “As an individual I have my own legitimate interests in a project but on the other hand, the team needs to work together in an ideal way to produce an outstanding overall result.”

It goes without saying that E>V Team Coaching often works on the attitude of the individual as well as that of the whole team.

In this context, when required we rely on first-rate, proven analytical tools such as MBTI, GPTP or the Sociometric Matrix.

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LEGO® Serious Play®-Workshops

If you are interested in this method, please get in touch with me. Together we can see whether this method could be a sensible way to achieve your goal.

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Keynote "New Work - what is it and if so, how?"

Almost everyone now associates the term "New Work" with something, and terms such as home office, remote work or 4-day week quickly come up. Many people know the buzzwords, but few are able to categorize them in the New Work cosmos.

In my keynote speech, I do just that: I give a differentiated and easy-to-understand overview of the origin, aspects and terminology of this container term "New Work". In connection with the AQAL model from the context of integral organizational development, "New Work" becomes comprehensible and, above all, approaches can be developed as to how an individual implementation can be started.

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes
The content can be individually adapted to your questions and needs.

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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

(Oscar Wilde)

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

20 years of professional experience
10+ years years of management experience
6,000 + Lego bricks for workshops

Others about me

"I really enjoyed your moderator skills. I could really feel that this job gives you energy and you totally love it."

"Mrs. Kaufmann was a great guide throughout the day, I was impressed with how she handled even 'ricochets' with confidence, I wouldn't have had the confidence to do that."

"Very cool positive vibes you spread throughout both days :)"

We have qualified in a wide range of coaching and training disciplines and naturally bring our own practical life and professional experience to the collaboration.

Choose the coach whose type and background is best suited to your individual issue or challenge.

We are happy to accompany you as a tandem or trio when it comes to major transformations or organizational and leadership development.

If you like, we are happy to share exciting reference projects from team training, leadership development or impulse events.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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