„When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills." - old Chinese proverb

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The development of people and organizations is what we passionately stand for. Successfully implemented processes of development and change can unfold valuable potential or conquer new business segments. At the same time employees and executives are confronted with new challenges. To set the right course from the beginning, we would like to support you and your company by identifying possible development issues and subsequently conduct you for their implementation.

By using our E>V Development-Triangle we open the view for essential development perspectives in your company. This helps us to highlight the efficiency of important influence factors within your company. Simultaneously we can locate relevant operational fields and develop suitable measures. With our clients, we work for example on the following topics:

• Vision and strategy development
• Mission statement development and implementation
• Team, executives, junior employee development
• Management development programs
• Companionship and moderation of change processes
• Development and Implementation of HR-tools
• Development and Companionship of Assessment-Centers

Let us build „windmills“ together and let us find suitable solutions for the most important operational fields of your company. Right from the start of this journey we see our role as a partner, source of inspiration, innovator and implementer. For any detailed questions about how to use our E>V Development-Triangle please do not hesitate to contact us!

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