“Our wishes are the signals of the abilities, which lie within us”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In our private and professional daily life we are often too busy to allow ourselves time to reflect our own values and attitudes. Start looking for your talents, gifts and special capabilities in an IN-GENIUM workshop. Some of these may not have surfaced yet, others may have been forgotten over the course of time. Whoever recognizes and utilizes his potential, will master upcoming challenges with more energy, passion, enthusiasm and success.

Embark on a striking exploration of your individual resources. Find your own “fuel” that will contribute to more satisfaction and success in your professional and personal life.

Invest two days of your presious time to

  • obtain more clarity in your professional and private situation
  • take advantage of your unexploited resources
  • be more genuine with a more defined attitude
  • gain better (life) satisfaction by utilizing your talents
  • approach future decisions in a more resolute and self-determined manner
  • In this training course you will find the answers to the following questions:

    • What in particular is my motivation, what drives me?
    • What is my personal system of values and how does it influence my every day behaviour?
    • What potential, gifts and talents do I possess and how do I succeed in utilizing them better?
    • Which roles make demands on me and do I suitably manage them for my personal well-being?
    • Where do I find my sources of strength and how can I recharge my batteries?

    This workshop is directed at employees and executives who

    • would like to know more about their potential and abilities
    • would like to improve the planning of their future career and life
    • would like to achieve a better harmony of their professional and private demands

    Your gains - after the seminar...

    • your self-awareness is enhanced
    • you have (re)discovered your hidden potential
    • you can reconcile your private and professional activities with your personality
    • you know your personal sources of strength and are able to recharge your batteries
    • you can act more courageously and authentically with a new clear vision

    IN-GENIUM can be considered as an important complement to the stimulants and insights gained in the FAKTOR-E-SEMINAR “INNOVATIVE SELF-MANAGEMENT”. IN-GENIUM adds an essential knowledge of your own personality which can be used, applied and lived in practice.

    Comments about the workshop:

    “These two inspiring and exciting days unearth hidden treasures and encourage and inspire one to stay on track. Add to this a highly motivated trainer coaching in a convincing and relaxed manner.”

    “A weekend designed to know oneself better and to uncover neglected passions”

    “I think the workshop was very invigorating and profitable. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to review his life, goals and options.”

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