E>V Coaching - Individual Coaching

E>V coaching is sought when tried and tested methods of self-management are no longer effective.
When people are faced with a new phase in their life, the same questions always come up: “where to?”, “what for?” and in particular “how?”
With our coaching, you will develop your own personal answers. Throughout our long years of practical experience, the following topics continually come to the fore:

  • Top career performance
  • Resilience and resistance to stress
  • Dealing with power, dissent an conflicts
  • Managing change
  • The first 100 days of a new remit
  • Appearance, charisma and self-selling
  • Authentic leadership style

E>V coaching provides you with a holistic view of these points - because they are all part of an individual’s personal plans, their search for fulfilment at work, the continuities and disruptions of their life, vitality, fitness and, of course, the demands placed on them by their company and the market.

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