Dr. Till Noethel

Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

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With over 30 years of coaching and leadership experience, my passion for leadership has evolved into a core expertise. Clients experience it in the following three pillars of effective leadership:

1. Innovative Self-Leadership: Supports leaders in taking action with clarity and enhancing their personal effectiveness.

2. Leading Others Effectively: Involves the skill to guide individuals through precise feedback communication and steering the team towards the most optimal route for collective success. The key here is emotional intelligence and a profound understanding of systemic dynamics.

3. Purpose-Driven Leadership: The third pillar addresses the royal road of leadership in competitive job markets: Establishing leadership that is maximally meaningful beyond economic success, fostering heightened engagement at the departmental, divisional, and organizational levels.

"No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it."

(Albert Einstein)

Raising this level of consciousness is the foundation of all my interventions.

Dr. Till Noethel
Dr. Till Noethel Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker
+ 49 (0) 700 - 288 488 33 TN@EgrV.de www.EgrV.de

About me

The realm of leadership has been a lifelong companion, influenced significantly by early exposure to negative examples. These experiences instilled in me the desire to do things differently, to do them better. Armed with a doctorate in social and economic science I bring over 30 years of coaching and executive-level experience working with game changing brands such as Red Bull. Throughout that journey, I've supported thousands of individuals in 15 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia providing guidance on leadership topics and conducting training sessions.

Born in Berlin Mitte, I now call Ibiza, Spain, my home, where I reside with my family.

My offers

Factor E - Seminar for Innovative Self-Leadership

Factor E is the seminar that focuses on your opportunities and consistently pursues one goal: Innovative self-leadership. This method releases the necessary energy to increase motivation, precisely define your level of ambition, launch your own initiatives, increase your willingness to take risks and strengthen your bond with the company.

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Factor E Integrator - Group Coaching

Building upon the Factor E seminar, we offer this group coaching format to apply the learned Factor E guiding principles directly to YOUR personal life circumstances, including personalized 1:1 coaching.
Whether you attended the Factor E seminar a few months or several years ago, this virtually conducted small-group coaching focuses on freshening up and adapting the 7 guiding principles to your personal (work) life.

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How Change Succeeds: 4 Steps to Successful Transformation!
Experience inspiring keynote insights into the core topics of (self) leadership, whether for yourself, your team, or the entire organization. Prepare to be moved as we explore the profound emotional aspects that contribute to effective transformations, understand the reasons behind the failure of 3 out of 4 change initiatives in organisations, and learn how to be part of the successful 25%. Duration: 30-75 minutes.
Executive Coaching
Surrounding the topic of leadership, I support executives in:
  • Strengthening their leadership competencies
  • Advancing personal development
  • Quickly and sustainably overcoming current challenges
Optionally, the online-based 360 tool 'LEAD NAVIGATOR 360' is employed to collect feedback from individuals with whom you collaborate regularly, complementing the coaching process.
Online Breathwork Masterclass: From Stress to Resilience and Energy
In the dynamic landscape of today's business environment, organizations are navigating through rapid changes in working methodologies. Many executives and employees are exposed to stress, fear and excessive demands in these disruptive times. What remains less known to many is that there exist swift and accessible ways to restore inner peace, rejuvenate energy, enhance resilience, and gain new clarity. The key to this is our breath.

"No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it."

(Albert Einstein)

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

> 30 Year Professional experience in leadership contexts across 15 countries within Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia
> 15 Year Professional Leadership Coaching and Trainer
> 18.000 Seminar-, Masterclass- and Workshop Participants

Others about me

"The best and most valuable training I have ever attended in my 28 years of business life. And I have attended many training sessions!"

"Till is a world-class coach who I have had the pleasure of working with for over 8 years. Both on an individual basis or larger group workshop environment he is simply the best, most innovative, and most creative and forward-thinking coach I have ever worked with."

"Till has a unique style that never comes across as prescribing a specific methodology but rather provides the right impulse at the right moment."

We have qualified in various coaching and training disciplines, and, of course, bring our own practical life and professional experiences into the collaboration. Choose your coach who best suits your challenges with their type and background.

For substantial transformations or organizational and leadership development initiatives, we're available to guide you as a tandem or trio. Feel free to inquire about our impactful reference projects in team training, leadership development, or inspirational events.

We look forward to speaking to you!

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