Communication as a success factor


The way we communicate is crucial to how successful we are in our interpersonal relationships - both professional and private. Unlike professional issues, communication can never be separated from us personally. Our personal experiences, needs and emotions have a great influence on how we conduct conversations. Learn more about the guiding ideas of successful and effective communication.

Your questions:

  • How can I conduct conversations in a more goal- and result-oriented way?
  • How can I react authentically in critical discussion situations and remain constructive in conducting discussions?
  • How do I remain the helmswoman/ helmsman in the conversation with the customer?
  • How can I turn the conversation into a real dialogue?
  • How do I affect others?
  • How does my attitude influence the way I conduct the conversation?

Target group:

Employees, managers and all those interested in advanced communication who have daily exchanges with a wide variety of hierarchical levels, areas of responsibility or characters and would like to raise the success of their communication to a new level: whether internally with employees, colleagues or bosses as well as externally with customers, service providers or interest groups.

Your benefit:

  • You will be sensitised to deal with your own goals, wishes, needs and emotions consciously.
  • You will recognise the different needs of your dialogue partners and be able to react appropriately.
  • You will receive effective impulses and suggestions for the preparation and implementation of difficult discussion situations in order to communicate even more professionally and confidently in the future.
  • You will improve your awareness of your communication
  • You will work on your own practical examples, receive individual feedback and take away concrete impulses for action.

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