Communicate To Succeed - The C Factor

Successful communication can give our own and others’ performance wings, liberating previously undreamed-of potential. Poor communication can also cut growth off and waste enormous energy. Discover the principles driving the differences between these two forms – and learn how to communicate success and authenticity!

You’d like to know:

  • How can I manage dialogues in a goal and result-orientated way?
  • How can I react in an authentic way and at the same time remain objective in critical discussions?
  • How can I retain control in customer dialogues?
  • How can I avoid feeling drained and empty so often after discussions and meetings?
  • How can I turn a meeting into a positive and stimulating exchange?

Target Group:

Everyone who is interested in highly effective communication, who has daily exchanges with a very wide range of hierarchical levels, areas of responsibility or personalities and who therefore wishes to raise their success in communication to a higher level – whether this is internally with employees, colleagues or superiors (in employee or project discussions, encounters in the corridor, departmental meetings) or externally in meetings with customers, service providers or interest groups.

Your gains:

  • An immediate increase in success and enjoyment in routine business communication.
  • Learn to reconise people with individual communication styles and to engage with them in an authentic and flexible way.
  • Learn how to formulate your own objectives, wishes and needs clearly and in a goal-orientated way. In this way you’ll be able to further your own interests more effectively and at the same time achieve a genuine additional benefit for everyone involved.

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