Attitude, team spirit and a readiness to take risks - coincidence, talent or concept?

During this jointly developed series of lectures, ex-international Marco Bode and E>V Coach Thomas Stammwitz illustrate what companies can learn from professional football. Because what counts on the soccer field also brings success to the workplace. Experience spanning fourteen years in the German Bundesliga combined with current approaches from coaching and management practice yield interesting and thought-provoking impulses.
Reap the benefits of this innovative mix of football and management coaching - and gain rewarding perceptions for your undertaking.

‘The Soccer Model’ provides answers to these questions:

  • Which mindsets and thought patterns characterise success-seekers?
  • How do we prepare and position our team successfully?
  • What goals do professionals set themselves and how do they achieve these?
  • In a sustainable way, how do we promote courage and the readiness to take risks?
  • How do we arouse team spirit and enthusiasm within the team?

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Ihr Ansprechpartner

Marco Bode & Thomas Stammwitz

Marco Bode & Thomas Stammwitz
Marco Bode
Fußballprofi bei Werder Bremen
Deutscher Nationalspieler
Europameister 1996
Vizeweltmeister 2002
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender SV Werder Bremen
Thomas Stammwitz
Diplom Kaufmann.
Trainer für Führungskräfte.
Gründer von E>V

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