How Change Succeeds: 4 Steps to Successful Transformation!

Who doesn't know this feeling: We embark on ambitious New Year's resolutions, aiming to lose 10 kg, adopt a vegetarian diet, restructure the department, exercise three times a week. At the beginning of January, we are filled with enthusiasm and motivation, only to find ourselves back at square one weeks or months later.

Why didn't it work? When we ask this question, we receive numerous excuses but never reach our goal.

A more productive approach is to ask what actually needs to happen to make that change succeed? What do individuals and organizations that achieve sustainable success in their endeavors do differently?

In the interactive keynote "How Change Succeeds" we will embark on an emotional and captivating journey into our inner selves. It is there, in the depths of our subconscious, where the groundwork for either triumph or setback in implementing changes is laid.

Prepare to be moved as we explore the profound emotional aspects that contribute to effective transformations.

Your benefits, what you will learn:

• How to align your mindset and body for change
• How to lead yourself and others successfully through change processes
• How to activate the two fundamental motivators for change
• The neuroscientific evidence why we struggle so much with change (and how to biohack it)
• Why 3 out of 4 change initiatives in companies fail and how to be part of the successful 25%
• How to effectively apply the 4 steps to change for yourself and your organization. 

Target audience:

This keynote is aimed at individuals who want to successfully implement changes in their professional or private lives. Managers, executives, project managers, entrepreneurs, employees facing challenges and changes will benefit from the practical tips and tricks.

The lecture is suitable for all industries and companies, offering valuable know-how for professional and personal success for navigating change.

 Your benefit as an organiser!

  • We tailor the duration of the keynote (45 min to 120 min) according to your preferences.
  • We can deliver at events for 10-500 participants.
  • We actively engage your participants and create genuine inspiration.
  • We create a lively event that effectively supports the achievement of your goals (e.g. kick-off meeting, leadership conference, product launch).

 Speaker: Dr. Till Noethel

Interactive keynote speech, including exercises and a wealth of practical examples, available as an online or in-person event.

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