Gwen Meyer-Hansen

Trainer, facilitator and coach

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As a trainer and coach, I am passionate about working with my clients to develop formats that bring the needs and development potential of individuals, employees, teams or an entire company to full fruition. My approach is to ask more instead of telling, to increase the number of perspectives and possible solutions of my counterpart. With the attitude that we ourselves are able to steer our development potential, I accompany my clients in the various formats. Thanks to my approachable, empathetic manner and interest in people, I quickly succeed in creating an atmosphere of trust.

"Asking the right questions is better than knowing all the right answers." (Caleb Rivers)

Gwen Meyer-Hansen
Gwen Meyer-Hansen Trainer, facilitator and coach
+ 49 (0) 700-288 488 33

About me

I am happy when I can spend time with my two daughters and my husband and be out in nature, and luckily there are horses and dogs around me. Repairing fences, re-harnessing horses, riding, exploring new paths in the woods are my energy filling station. Ending the day with hay in my hair, dusty clothes and sore muscles in my arms and legs feels great to me.

My offers

Communication as a success factor: seminar for effective dialogue management

Conversations with colleagues, customers, managers and employees always have something to do with your own inner attitude. How do I approach these conversations? How do I best prepare myself for conversations? Which of my personal preferences are conducive to my conversations, and where might I be getting in my own way? These are just some of the questions that we will address in the seminar. We will work on the participants' specific practical cases and develop ideas for solutions to implement in everyday working life.

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TeamWorkplace: A closer look at the 8 pillars of team vitality
Taking time as a team to work on selected pillars together is the aim of the TeamPlace. It can have different goals and focuses, depending on the needs of the team and the challenges it faces. Some of the most common goals of a team workshop are Identifying the team vision, strengthening cohesion, clarifying roles and responsibilities.
Conflict moderation
In my role as a conflict moderator, I support the conflicting parties in identifying their needs and interests, clarifying misunderstandings and working together to find solutions that are acceptable to everyone involved. The aim is to support those involved in finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone.
Leadership training and 1:1 coaching
Managers - whether experienced or new to the position - act in different roles. The aim of coaching is to make managers aware of these roles and to reflect on where they need to improve. Topics such as communication, conflict resolution, employee management and strategy development can be the focus here. Ultimately, we work together on a leadership profile that reveals individual strengths even more and brings the right level of authenticity

“There is a space between stimulus and response. In this space lies our power to choose our reaction. In our reaction lies our development and our freedom.”

(Viktor E. Frankl)

My qualifications and experiences

My professional background

5 years as a consultant in the field of adult education
> 15 years as a conceptual consultant in a foundation
20 years as a trainer, coach and moderator at E>V

Others about me

“The Success Factor Communication seminar is different from seminars I have already attended on this topic. I was inspired by the fact that the inner attitude was always included, that I reflected on my own patterns and spoke from the heart.”

“With their trusting manner, Wolfgang and Gwen succeed in creating a workshop atmosphere in which people are happy to get involved in order to work on their own issues. Their humor brings fun and, in the right places, lightness.”

“Thank you very much for the great seminar. I went home with a lot (VERY ;-)) of emotions and hope that I will always remember the seminar/the feelings/the impressions/... from my memory and use them again and again. You did a fantastic job.”

We have qualified in a wide range of coaching and training disciplines and naturally bring our own practical life and professional experience to the collaboration. Choose the type of coach and background that best suits your challenges.

We are happy to accompany you as a tandem or trio when it comes to major transformations or organizational and leadership development.

If you like, we will be happy to share exciting reference projects with you during team training sessions,

leadership development or impulse events.

We look forward to your call!

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